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Remerica Real Estate Franchise Opportunities

Innovative Area Developer Concept

Remerica Capitalizes on Innovative Business Model in National Real Estate Launch

Fast-growing Company Extends Throughout the U.S. with Area Developer Concept

DETROIT, MI. - Remerica, one of the fastest-growing residential real estate companies in the country, announced its intent to affiliate with 56 existing, successful brokers across the United States with an inventive business model designed to change the way franchise companies traditionally operate.

James Courtney, Remerica's founder and Chief Executive Officer, created the company more than fifteen years ago, after seeing a need for a more creative and effective franchise system. Pursuing a goal to serve homebuyers and sellers diligently within a framework of efficient, state-of-the-art services, Remerica has succeeded in its home state of Michigan with agents repeatedly ranking far above the national average for completed real estate transactions.

"Many large real estate companies leave clients feeling dissatisfied with their service while brokers simultaneously earn less and less profit," commented Courtney. "It's clear that in the 21st century, a better model is necessary. Our philosophy realistically addresses the way people buy and sell homes today."

The key difference in Remerica's approach lies in its unique "Area Developer" format, which allows an individual or team of entrepreneurs to develop and manage an entire region of real estate offices, rather than one location. Each of these individual area developers will be supported with Remerica's established technology and innovative service offerings, yet each will operate with a high degree of local autonomy to encourage originality and avoid restrictions usually imposed by traditional franchisor agreements.

"Our Area Developers have the freedom and flexibility to manage their locations according to the needs and issues within their own territories," continued Courtney. "While we provide the brand identity, marketing systems and bundled financial services that customers expect from a premier real estate company, Remerica clients also enjoy the feel and culture of a boutique agency when working with their local brokerage."

"Our approach allows local Remerica offices to concentrate time and energy on actual real estate concerns because we outsource other time-consuming business issues, such as accounting and human resources," explained Jim Preston, Executive Vice President. "While many real estate companies have been facing difficulties controlling overhead costs and retaining good agents, Remerica has thrived."

"We know that most home buyers and sellers today are technologically savvy and have access to more real estate information before they ever meet with their real estate agent," added Jim Courtney. "Our area directors and brokers can truly focus on the issues that a consumer-centric culture demands, providing a more satisfying experience for the client."

Courtney went on to say, "The 56 area directors will partner with at least 150 agents each. At maturity, Remerica® will total more than 8,400 Remerica® agents serving clients across the country." Remerica is a Michigan corporation.

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