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Finding the Best Place for You

Every year, Money Magazine does a survey of the best places to live in America. Can any single survey uncover the perfect place for everyone? Of course not. Money now offers a "personalized place chooser" on their site, ranking the cities they survey against your desires in such areas as weather, cultural life, educational opportunities and health care.

Even this resource isn't going to tell you everything or come up with the perfect place for you, so where can you look for more information?

Is education important to you? If you have school-age children, you probably want to find the town/district with the best schools in the area, right? There are a number of places you can go online to get details and comparative information about school districts:

State Departments of Education have extensive information, not only about statewide curriculum and practices, but about individual school districts. Most state Departments of Education will also provide links to the official sites of local schools.

American School Directory has listings for all public schools in the United States. Basic information for each school includes address and phone number, administrators, a link to the school's official page and number of students and teachers. Further information may be added by the schools themselves, so detailed coverage is spotty.

There is a lot more information on the Web to help you learn about a new region or find comparative information to help you choose a new home. Try starting with state and local government sites.

Be sure to take advantage of all the research material available below. If you have specific questions about real estate related topics, please contact your nearest REMERICA Office.

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